Aquaglide Recoil 14.0 & 17.0 Water Trampoline

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    Pick the size that suits your family; 14′ wide (Recoil 14.0) or 17′ wide (Recoil 17.0).

    Optimized for residential use, Recoil is made with fully welded, reinforced PVC construction and three-layer seams for years of use. Comes complete with rigid Octane frame, stainless springs, C-Deck boarding platform and 4-way anchor bridle. Includes attachments for optional slide and log accessories, plus connects to any residential park or additional accessories on two sides. Available in two sizes and an aquapark package.

    Recoil Trampoline 14.0

    • Built for excellent bouncing performance, Recoil 14.0 is an ideal size trampoline for small families or younger users.
    • Dimensions: L 14′ x W 14′ x H 2.5′
    • Minimum water depth: 8ft
    • Capacity: 600lbs
    • Includes C-Deck, 4-Way Bridle

    Recoil Trampoline 17.0

    • Built for superior bouncing performance, Recoil 17.0 is sizeable trampoline for the residential setting and easily accommodates larger families or friends.
    • Dimensions: L 17′ x W 17′ x H 3′
    • Minimum water depth: 8ft
    • Capacity: 800lbs
    • Includes C-Deck, 4-Way Bridle