Giant Inflatable Bowling Game

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    Bowl outdoors or indoors any time – BIG time – and enjoy immensely all the fun and activity of the sport of bowling without the trip to the alley. This giant inflatable bowling game is perfectly packable for family-friendly fun wherever they go. Simply deflate, fold, and pack into a bag of suitcase. Bring this unique game to BBQs, camping tips, picnics, and more. Set them up and knock your family out with active play!

    You can set up these giant inflatable pins (29”H) almost anywhere and each time invent ingenious ways to throw, kick, or otherwise go about bowling them over. Each pin features a cardboard weighted bottom for additional stability.

    Kids stretch their legs and enjoy the fresh air with this active and imaginative screen-free play. Kids build strong muscles and develop coordination as they run, kick, roll, and bowl. Kids can play a new way each time as they develop their own ways to play.

    Ever-exciting for ages 4 and up.