Giant Snakes and Ladders

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    This takes the classic game of Snakes and Ladders to a totally new dimension.
    Giant sized fun indeed!

    There are no counters. You become the counter, it’s just you! You’re in the heart of the game! You move down the snakes and up the ladders, moving from square to square as you play the gamsquare as you play the game.

    So, when playing Giant Snakes and Ladders be careful. The rules are not standard. As you are the counter you may need to stand on one leg for ages. Or take the opportunity to switch places with any other player on the board. It’s the new rules that keep all the players involved and playing for the whole game.

    It’s those twists that make playing on a Giant scale so much fun.

    Includes: Giant heavy-duty playing mat 10’ x10’ square, 8 pegs to anchor mat, and 1 Giant inflatable die 17” square