Moon Ball

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    Waboba balls promote physical, social and cognitive skills. Expect the unexpected when you hold the moon your hand! Crater-like textures on the surface of this high-bouncing ball produce out-of-this world experiences and defy gravity. An excellent “fidget toy” for kids with special needs, or the restless of any age. Great for use on the playground, gym, driveway with a solid, durable design. Craters add greater velocity to the ball’s speed. Encourages eye-hand coordination, year-round active play, and approved for special needs use by the National Lekotek Centre, Able Play Rated.

    Get your hands on the special edition NASA Moon ball to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing! Man first walked on the Moon in 1969. Waboba invented the gravity-defying Moon ball in 2013. And now it’s your turn to make history. How high can you bounce the Moon?

    One-of-a-Kind • NASA approved • Special edition black Moon ball with light grey dots