Olefin Double Quilted Hammock with Matching Pillow

Olefin Double Quilted Hammock with Matching Pillow

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    Made of 100% Olefin textile
    • Fast-drying, comfortable material
    • Built in a classic style with spreader bars
    • Holds up to 450 pounds
    • Large resting area (6.8 feet long, 4.6 feet wide)
    • Total hammock length: 13 feet
    • Double Layer Quilted Hammock
    • Hanging hardware included

    Have you ever experienced pure bliss while lying in a hammock? This luxurious, double-quilted hammock with matching pillow holds an elite status of premium quality when compared to other hammocks for sale. It’s level of comfort, style, and durability simply can’t be matched.

    Perfect for any setting, two people can easily enjoy this extra-large hammock with maximum comfort and relaxation. Crafted with 13 feet of soft, fast-drying Olefin material and assembled in not one, but two layers of soft, quilted material – you’ve never experienced a hammock quite like this before.

    Our designers crafted this hammock with classic style spreader bars and able to support up to 450 pounds