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    Quoits is such a simple yet fun garden game. Seconds to set up and hours of potential play, it is so simple even the very youngest in the family or the least agile can play and be entertained. 

    As a game, Quoits goes back centuries, and this version is classic garden fun. There are 5 high-quality, thick, real rope quoits with each game. Each rope quoit is individually hand  finished. The design of the rope quoits is superb too. As the quoit flies through the air, on the way to its target, you will appreciate the extra effort our design team put in to make sure they worked well. It will be a staple game, brought out for any gathering or barbecue, and it packs down so small you can even take it on holiday. At only 2 lbs it easily fits in any bag or luggage. 

    Simple, yet beautifully made, this wooden quoits game has 5 pegs, each worth a different score, once you manage to get the rope quoit over the peg. Real points are scored on the middle peg, the one painted red, worth 50 each time!