The Dude Cowboy 24-Inch Diameter Steel Cauldron Fire Pit w/ Tripod and Cooking Grate

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    THE DUDE is Cowboy Cauldron’s newest, lightest, and most affordable Cauldron, and is a proud addition to their lineup. Made from solid plate steel, just like our other models, THE DUDE has a 24” basin weighing in at 35 pounds. Big enough to hold a normal campfire, it comes with a grill, rain cover, and more.

    What’s Included:

    The Dude Cauldron-24 inch diameter, 35 lbs
    Tripod Frame 69″ Point to Point / 60″ Tall
    Suspension Chain
    Cauldron Cover (The Dude)
    Charcoal Grate
    Cooking Grill